Villa Lemuria, The Bahamas


Villa Ephelia, The Bahamas


Lemuria and Ephelia comprise of the exquisite, beachfront Grand Estate within the exclusive Fortune Cay, Grand Bahama, located a 30 minute plane journey from Palm Beach, Florida. Since acquisition of the then two individual properties in 2018 and 2019, subsequent major renovations have generated capital gains alone of 400%. Revenue is achieved through both short term ($6,900 daily) and long term ($23,000 monthly) lettings.

Jwycesska Island, Abaco, The Bahamas


Acquired in 2013, Jwycesska Island is a 351-acre freehold private island with unprecedented government approval for a 6,000 ft private airstrip, 30-acre marina, and commercial use for a resort with Hotel Encouragement Act benefits. Located in the exquisite Abaco region of The Bahamas and home to calm waters, warm breezes and panoramic beauty in notably one of the best boating, diving, fishing and sailing destinations in the world. Jwycesska is just 122 miles from Palm Beach, 26 miles from Grand Bahama and just 20 miles from Walkers Cay. The Island has exposure to the Atlantic Ocean to the East, which is protected by a natural reef, as well as the shallow waters of the Grand Bahama Bank to the West, and features over ten white sandy beaches spread over 5 miles of coastline, elevations of 50 feet, a large freshwater lake, and abundant wildlife. 

Following our positive interaction with the Bahamian Government, permission has been approved for:

  • a 6,000 ft private airstrip and helipad (the longest private airstrip in The Bahamas and The Caribbean);
  • a 30-acre hurricane proof and landlocked marina;
  • commercial property use for a resort; and
  • Hotel Encouragement Act benefits enabling duty free imports for the construction and renewal of all buildings, facilities, and furnishings, as well as zero Real Property Tax for the next ten years and with considerably reduced tax thereafter.

Other benefits under the Act also include VAT deferment, work permits for key personnel, and no direct taxation against the earnings of the resort for 20 years.

Koichi Nicholas

Chief Financial Officer

As the CFO for the group, Koichi is responsible for all financial planning, record keeping and reporting to the Sykes Family, as well as overseeing the finances of the Family’s charity, the John Sykes Foundation. 

Since joining the company in 2012, Koichi has been promoted from within to his current position and has an impressive flair for real estate accounting, including both residential and commercial service charge management. 

Koichi is a strategic thinker and a keen chess player, previously having ranked amongst the top 100 chess players in the UK. 

Andrew Strong

General Counsel

Andrew is responsible for delivering the highest possible level of legal services to the company, from advising the board on new and existing laws to dealing with all legal/procedural aspects of a transaction once heads of terms have been agreed

Having worked alongside the Sykes Family since 2001, Andrew has a key understanding of the family’s requirements and wishes. In addition to his legal skills, Andrew is also a member of the RICS and has a wealth of practical real estate experience in all asset classes, with particular expertise in commercial and ground rent management.

Andrew is a keen road cyclist and resides in Thailand with his wife Anong and their two children, James and Katie. 

John Sykes, DBA (Hon)


John is our inspirational and visionary Founder with an entrepreneurial instinct, who now spends the majority of his time supporting Reading charities and community groups through the John Sykes Foundation.

Heavily motivated and influenced by his late father and with an underlying passion for Reading, John’s unique drive for success led the company to significant growth, and which is now under the control of his children.

John is based in Reading, is a family man, and with his wife Sally they have four children, Annabelle, Charlie, Jessica and Little John.