Our approach to real estate investments

Creative capital
Speed and certainty

We invest up to £50m of capital per transaction, backed by the private wealth of John Jac Sykes, meaning we work outside the constraints of other people’s money. 

We have no set time horizons to invest and monetise, therefore each investment decision is made solely on value creation. We are always looking for great long-term investments. 

At the same time, we are able to act swiftly. Our bureaucratic free structure facilitates quick decisions and execution, and enables us to be highly nimble. Moreover, we do what we say we’re going to do. 

£ 0 m
Capital to invest
Simplifying the complex

Whether it is a multi-let retail asset with service charge complexities, or a large residential portfolio of ASTs, we swiftly surround the asset with our various areas of expertise to understand its income potential, along with possible development opportunities.

The process of reviewing an asset generally takes less than a few days and from here we are usually positioned to make unconditional offers. 

Engaged, focused and disciplined

We are active owners and invest significant time along with our capital to get the best out of each asset once acquired.

Working alongside our preferred partners, we optimise opportunities, set goals and establish measurable performance indicators to ensure the asset continues to perform over the long-term.

Whilst our goal is always to retain our real estate assets, there are times when it is prudent to sell. We continually monitor the markets and legislation to ascertain whether there are upcoming changes which may cause an asset to deteriorate in value and if this is the case we will consider the best exit method to take forward.

Koichi Nicholas


As the CFO for the group, Koichi is responsible for all financial planning, record keeping and reporting to the family, as well as overseeing the finances of John Jac’s charity, the John Sykes Foundation. 

Since joining the company in 2012, Koichi has been promoted from within to his current position and has an impressive flair for real estate accounting, including both residential and commercial service charge management. 

Koichi is a strategic thinker and a keen chess player, previously having ranked amongst the top 100 chess players in the UK. 

Andrew Strong


Andrew is responsible for dealing with all legal / procedural aspects of a transaction once heads of terms have been agreed, and thereafter the day-to-day asset management responsibilities. 

Having worked alongside John Jac since 2001, Andrew has a key understanding of the family’s requirements and wishes. In addition Andrew is a member of the RICS and has a wealth of real estate experience in all asset classes, with particular expertise in commercial and ground rent management.

Andrew is a keen road cyclist and resides in Thailand with his wife Anong and their two children, James and Katie. 

John Jac Sykes


John Jac is our inspirational and visionary leader with an entrepreneurial instinct. John Jac guides and overseas the long-term direction of the business and is the key decision maker on all new investments. 

Heavily motivated and influenced by his late father and with an underlying passion for Reading, John Jac’s unique drive for success has led to the continual growth of the portfolio to where it is today. 

John Jac is based between Reading and The Bahamas, he is a family man and with his wife Sally they have four children, Annabelle, Charlie, Jessica and Little John.